Sardinien im November – Sommer tanken vor dem Winter

von Christian Zottl

Unser Urlaubstermin stand schon lange fest, nur das Reiseziel hielten wir uns bis zuletzt offen. Wo könnte man im November – in dieser Zwischenjahreszeit – noch gut Urlaub machen? Noch etwas Sommer-Sonne tanken vor dem Winter? Immer wieder hatten wir an Flugreisen ins Warme gedacht. Kanarische Inseln zum Beispiel. Aber mit zwei Kindern werden Flugreisen, trotz der Sonderangebote, schon von Grund auf etwas kostspielig, zuzüglich der Übernachtungskosten und ggf. eingeschränkter Mobilität vor Ort. Dann doch lieber mit dem VW-Bus losfahren, flexibel bleiben und die Unterkunft schon inklusive dabei haben. Also warten – bis der Wetterbericht zuverlässig wird. Read More

dolomites – a parents retreat

just before christmas my parents asked us what we would want for christmas.i didn’t really have to think hard about that one.i wanted them to come and visit us.this happens not often since 600km are quiete the drive.we soon knew we wanted them to come for an extended weekend to spend with their granddaughters so we could go on a ‘parents/couple – weekend’.our very first the weekend was planned already last year.we just didn’t really know where to go and wanted it to depend on the weather.we knew we wanted to do something active together.something we have been doing together before we had kids.we wanted to decide between rockclimbing/bouldering or skitouring.since the weather forecast didn’t promise sun and warm temperatures our choice went to skitouring.and since i wanted to go to italy at some point this year, my husband suggested to drive into the italian dolomites/south tirol.spectacular mountains, breathtaking nature, the chance to go skitouring up there was bigger than around here and it is only a three hour drive (without kids….which felt then like a one hour drive). Read More

familyadventures -familienreisekongress this is a looooong post.get ready to read a lot and to look at a lot of photos.

but no worries.i didn’t work and wrote on that all night long.this is mainly an old post with a hiking and mountaincabin description from almost a year may have read it before. but because of a present occasion i thought i put it here for you, so you have the chance to reread you might know we live in the bavarian alps now for about 1,5 years and have been active in the alps with hiking and other mounteneering sports before.our hearts beat for mountaincabins, hiking, several day hikes with overnights at mountaincabins.we did that in other countries as well, like new zealand, but here in the alps, we did quiete a few now.without the girls and when the girls were born, with the girls.but if you wanna hear more about our experiences with mountainhut overnights and hiking in the alps with our two little ones, you can now hear and see me life and find out more about our familyadventures in the mountains very very soon in an interview.

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nature based holidays with small children – our late summer in scandinavia

where to start and where to stop writing. i don’t consider myself as a writer and i don’t have a clue, but still i’m giving it a try. i just write. trying to let it come. something will develop, something will come, like it always does.
just like it is with that writing here, thats (or similar like that) how it is with the life of our little ones outdoor. outside in nature. they just need to get out there and they will start playing automatically. you don’t need to plan or prepare big things, just give them the opportunity to get outside.

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its all about the blueberries – our late summer in scandinavia

blueberries.everywhere blueberries.we came to the blueberrylands and loved it. they were our constant companions in norway and sweden. oh so sweet and fresh. we were all in love with them. especially the little ones have fallen for them right away. during hikes, they were little, but highly effective powerpearls and motivators and the girls all the sudden started walking or hiking up little hills again. we collected them and made the yummiest blueberry crèpes and fresh blueberryjam. while in the woods, you could find the little ones sitting somewhere on the green soft moss eating and singing. they even figured out, that the blueberries, growing on top of a tree stub or generelly a bit higher, were the bigger ones (’cause they simply get more light). then you could hear them shouting through the woods “here, a lot a lot” or “here, very big very big”. it was just such a joy to see them savouring them right from the bush or in their muesli, with yoghurt, in pancakes or as jam on bread. my parents joined us for about two weeks and years ago they started to collect blueberries and cranberries in sweden.back then, they started to cook jam there on their camping gascooker and filled up lots of glasses. this year they took ‘just’ 80 empty glasses to fill them with blueberries. as you can imagine, their joy had been huge, watching their granddaughters picking and eating blueberries all day long.i don’t exaggerate saying that they’re real blueberrylovers after our vacation in scandinavia. Read More