holding on to the good days and moments….spring/summer vibes

i just finished writing down some answers for an interview i was asked to give to kinfolk russia, who is following along my instagram account. one of their questions was ‘do you have “behind the scenes” of the depicted harmony?’ i really liked that question and loved to answer it, ’cause its important to know that for me the medium internet is a platform to share thoughts and snippets of our life.but not our whole life.of course we, as a family, have our ups and downs and times where life ain’t no sunshine and where we are going through rougher processes. i’m glad, ’cause those always were the ones that shaped my/our lifes.but i prefer working and dealing with them in personal relationships and talks with my husband, family and dear friends.to share them with people, who know me and us and where it makes sense to get advise and correction and true encouragment and approval.for me its the safer place.the internetplatforms Instagram and Blogs of other inspiring people, inspire and encourage me so much.by showing little snippets of their everyday life, of capturing the little joyful moments that made them stop, breathe and look carefully, an ohhh so aweful start of the day might loose its power and can turn into something greater and lighter.i love that and it encourages me too, to see the little detailed moments that hold beautiful, life cherishing potential.there’s days were i’m more able to see them and there’s days, were its hard for me to let go of personal stress and therefore hard for me to hear and see them.the good thing is, that every new day holds the chance to start completely new.even during the day, i tell myself, i can stop and start all over again, by being more present right now, instead of working down my to-do list.

yesterday was one of those pretty perfect joyful days that held so many beautiful dear and precious moments, that i want to share it with you, ’cause i wanna remember it.

i mean, the day started with a bright clear blue sunny sky in the morning and the weather promised to be perfect.i expected a summerday in the middle of april.at noon we had a playdate and an instamama meeting at the chiemsee lake.we live really close to the lake and every day now, that it was warmer and sunny, i packed my girls in the transporter and headed over to the beach.one of those lovely instamamas i have met before and we had an awesome time at the park.that was several months ago.she now has another baby and we moved away from munich. that mama had connected with another instamama i was following and knew she moved to munich.so yesterday it was the first time to meet her with her precious blonde curled son. i was at the lake a bit earlier and set up my blue chilean picnicblanket right beside the ‘strandbar’.there we were, the girls and me, waiting for those two mama’s with their three little boys (2 of them have almost excactly the same age as my girls, so we would have the perfect 2 year old toddlerminigroup)

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We had such a wonderful time at the beach and our 4 toddlers would play at and in the water, with rocks and stones and sand.they even fed each other and the interplay was pretty amazing. it was wonderful to sit down with those two mothers to talk about how life is going, how motherhood looks like right now, where our next vacation goes and and and.we sipped on our cold iced coffees and nonalcoholic summerbeachdrinks.the littlest amongst us got nursed and it all felt so natural and i would have thought i know those mothers way longer in real life.it was so so nice and we’re planning on repeating that date.

the very beautiful norwegian mother Stine, i met for the first time, is really gifted in sewing and thinks about selling her little cute stuff really soon.i immediatly became a big fan, when i saw her little cute son with the cutest reversable bonnet.i already ordered two.i think its so brave of her to think about turning her hobby into a little big project and business, so that she can stay at home and work from there.i really support those ideas, ’cause i know how hard it is for us young mama’s of young kids to earn money by supporting our family and still to be available and there for our kids.its a challenge in our german workingsystem, i found.so at this point, have a look at her instaaccount @stinedolva

later on, when we all said goodbye, i had to put my girls in the bath.the sand and dirt was everywhere.i thought they would be totally exhausted after the beach and all that sun, but they were so balanced and happy and played with their schleich animals in the tub, who, of course also needed to get clean.

after the bath it was still so summery and warm in the house that i quickly put them in their first summeroutfits this year.oh my, they loved it so much, that they started jumping and dancing on our bed.i was constantly smiling and taking some photos and my heart was so full seeing them so happy and nicely with each other.when i put them to bed, after a little eveningsnack, the fell asleep before i even finished my eveningblessings/prayers for them.they had such a great and happy day and my heart was full as well. those days, you guys, are special and we should remember them.thats why yesterday is captured and memorized here.