spring gardening

gardening. in spring. i don’t even know where to start. just because it has been a huge new thing to me somehow.huge in the way of giving me so much in different aspects.gardening has been like school to me.well, actually more than that, ’cause i’ve been the person that unfortunatly never really learnt that much in school.gardening has been like an intense seminar to me.practical in every way.teaching me so much about going with nature’s circumstances and times.teaching me patience.showing me amazment and the little surprising – out of nowhere arising – joys, that children know all so well.it taught me to keep going/ stick with it and to not give up, even though some seeds and processes died or didn’t last long.it showed me to rest and enjoy.it made me cirious for more.it also taught me that i can’t have it all right now, when i want it.it taught me to let go and trust.i can’t influence the hours of sun and the hours of rain.gardening also taught me to step out and ask for advise, to be brave to ask older wiser gardener for their wisdom and experiences. Read More