the after-sickness getaway

you may know those days… i was actually in good health, not totally, but almost.the little part, that didn’t feel that well, in my case it was my throat, almost didn’t get any attention, because all my attention went to my girls health or sickness – i know, a typical mum-syndrom.we hardly deal with serious sickness over here, ’cause yes, i’d say we are blessed with good health.this time was different hit them hard.harder than i was prepared for.fever, lots of deep coughing and running noses.the fever was the worst. 2 or 3 days, where their bodies were fighting.their breaths were short and broth, salve lime blossom and wild thyme tea’s were on.leg compresses and so on.we also gave them some fever syrup and cough syrup to support their weary bodies.the nights were restless and interrupted.and we couldn’t go outside for our walks.couldn’t go to get our fresh milk.this.yes this, was driving me almost nuts.we did go outside in the garden and even when the girls had fever, we layed them on the terrace on the sheepskin covered with woolblankets.but its just not the same as walking in nature, smelling the trees, bark and moss of the woods.hearing the birds that you only hear in the woods….to make a long story short: after those 5 days i felt like i need to get away somewhere, to get out of the house. Read More