plum marzipan cake – zwetschgen marzipan kuchen

september started and somehow it didn’t feel like the month of fall/autumn. it’s still summer over here with high temperatures and the farmers are still drying their hay in the fields.but when i went to my favourite vegetable and fruit gardener to get some fresh local products, i spied the first german plums….”zwetschgenzeit”….yes, it’s plum time and that is the time when fall is around the corner or when fall took over.i tried one and oh my.memories and feelings coming up with one bite of a ripe sweet plum.i don’t need to tell you that i grabbed a paper bag and filled it with about 2 kg of plums.when i bought them i knew i needed to make a plumcake.its ‘a must’ for me to enter the new season.fall.i’m ready for you.the local little bakeries are offering the typical bavarian “zwetschgendatschi”. i like them, but i’m just not the biggest fan of yeast dough, thats why i looked into a sponge mixture for the cake.

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a day filled with blueberries…

in april this year we spontanously spent an afternoon walking through the moor was one of those warm sunny springdays and by then we spied lots and lots of blueberry blossoms.i got all excited and told the girls that soon we will come back and hopefully fill our baskets with those precious yummie blue pearls that we have been picking and eating like crazy last september when we were in norway and sweden.the girls are in love with those wild forest blueberries.they munched them away like crazy as you can see and read here

and because i didn’t want to be too late for them (i must admit i was a bit afraid that all the other people around here would pick them there at this beautiful spot between birches and heather before we arrive) i decided we would have a look before august, which is probably the best month to pick them. the girls were highly motivated that morning and couldn’t wait to leave the of them grabbed her swedish blueberry basket, that my mum got her at one of the swedish thriftstores “loppis”. i guess for her it just made sense to pick blueberries here with the basket she used to pick blueberries with us and her oma and opa in sweden.her sister though didn’t want to take her swedish blueberry basket, but decided to go for her ‘big’ basket (also a gift from her oma).i put some sandwich/butterbrot paper in their baskets to avoid stains. Read More