friday series – let them be little & wild and free

‘let them be little’ or ‘wild and free’ have been “the” words or hashtags in the last couple of months or years used from a lot of young mothers.and i have been using them as well.they speak of freedom, a desire.they address a childhood we dearly want our kids to live and experience.for some of us, those words or sentences speak of a childhood we were never allowed to enter and for some of us, they speak of a childhood we enjoyed so much and still live/eat off it.

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friday series -how to integrate music with little ones in your every day life

so a little while ago i got the respond that a few of you were interested to know/read of how i integrate music with the little ones in our everyday life.well, here you go.nothing spectacular.really simple…oh end excuse my greasy unwashed hair (hello motherhood?!) on the photos my husband took on that one morning where the girls and me were singing some of their favourite children songs.

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friday series – our little mother-daughter trips

i was just asked recently to write or to talk about how i organize our little mother-daughter trips. so i’ll talk a bit about how it all started and how we girls do it.and yes, we just do it, i big planning or organization.just a little bit of preperation before.but thats about it.its easy in my case i guess, ’cause i have two 3 year olds now.its different if you have kids different ages, including a baby i’m sure. but still. you can manage to get out and go on trips.those experiences and memories you create there are so precious for you as a mother and for your kids and you’ll see they will ask you to go on another little trip very very soon….its a huge adventure for them.and don’t forget: little trips don’t need to be far away.maybe its a little trip to a park nearby where you can walk make it into a little trip, a special thing 😉

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friday series – recent favourite books of the little ones

i thought it might be interesting to some of you what kind of books our kids read and flip through and how we choose those books.i just picked a few out of them.those ones, the girls have been interested in for the last couple of weeks or days.we have so much more, but some of them are favourites for a certain probably know that from your kids or kids of friends.just to clarify that our variety of books is really wide.and even though we regularly borrow children books from our community library, our own collection of books gets bigger and bigger.last week, when the girls turned three, 4 other books found a new home with i thought its about time, to start putting away some of their books like christmas books or books they got when they were really really young and books i never ever see them using.i think its good and necessary for them to keep an overview of the books they have in their bookshelfs.i personally think it also helps them, when they put away their own books (we do that by the end of the day, where then everyone picks out one book as a good night story) to see what kind of books they actually have. Read More

friday series – some thoughts of a citymouse on the countryside

i might continue to write down some thoughts and impressions that come to me, transform me and work in me when it comes to living a life on the countryside at a later time.

i have been living as a citymouse for 34 years.i know.34 years.long time living in cities.and we didn’t even make the big extreme change with moving to a farm.for now we just live in a small the foot of a mountain.with a river and the woods nearby.that change though was quiet big for me.i was critical and sceptical before we moved.also because i’m not bavarian…

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