forest kindergarten equipment – outdoor equipment

as promised earlier this week, here’s the second part with information about forest kindergarten equipment and outdoor equipment we use since some of you asked. those clothes/products i introduce are the ones we’ve been using and tested so far. i just laid them on the wooden wardrobe my husband built and photographed them there, because that’s where we dress before we go outside and that’s where our outdoor clothes are storaged.

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forest kindergarten in germany – a little insight

a few readers asked me to write about “what is forest kindergarten?” and about “forest kindergarten equipment”. well, actually i didn’t want to write about it now. first, because we are “the new ones” in forest kindergarten and i think it takes a while to come out with founded information about it and also a reflected feedback of what we treasure most about it and of what we see a bit critical. and second, i thought it would make more sense to write about forest kindergarten equipment in the winter or next spring, after we actually tested our clothes in the colder ‘minus degree’ and in the wettest season.but since some of you are looking for some information now, in the fall, i’ll give you sort of an overlook with this post of what forest kindergarten is and how forest kindergarten life looks like in our case.there will be a second post coming soon about our personal equipment and their sources.

what is forest kindergarten?

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