snowlights…another easy wintercraft with the little ones

so my friend gifted me a monthly subscription for a wonderful magazine named “Landlust” (this is not a sponsored post though 😉 .) once in a while i bought one of these magazines, because they have some great inspirations and recipes.the magazine is focused on countrylife and nature, so maybe now you figure that this is something that gets me interested. so that birthdaygift was just such a great idea.the first magazine arrived a week ago or so and i found so so many ideas of what i want to try or do myself and with the girls.its nice to go back to a magazine and to not have to take my phone and click through pinterest like crazy.don’t get me wrong, i like pinterest and i use it a lot if i’m looking for a specific recipe or idea, but to hold real paper and to get inspired seasonally, regionally is something i do prefer much more. Read More

spring gardening

gardening. in spring. i don’t even know where to start. just because it has been a huge new thing to me somehow.huge in the way of giving me so much in different aspects.gardening has been like school to me.well, actually more than that, ’cause i’ve been the person that unfortunatly never really learnt that much in school.gardening has been like an intense seminar to me.practical in every way.teaching me so much about going with nature’s circumstances and times.teaching me patience.showing me amazment and the little surprising – out of nowhere arising – joys, that children know all so taught me to keep going/ stick with it and to not give up, even though some seeds and processes died or didn’t last showed me to rest and made me cirious for also taught me that i can’t have it all right now, when i want taught me to let go and trust.i can’t influence the hours of sun and the hours of rain.gardening also taught me to step out and ask for advise, to be brave to ask older wiser gardener for their wisdom and experiences. Read More

the golden fish – a crafting watercolour project with the little ones

a few nights ago we were looking at eric carle’s illustrations and i was reading ‘brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?’. a favourite book of them we were reading to them when they were still even travelled to patagonia with us.and because colours and re-telling stories are really big over here, yesterday morning after breakfast one of the girls was re-reading and telling the story again.the golden fish, maybe because of its unique colour, was fascinating and her was a foggy rainy springmorning that was fantastic for a little craft i suggested we could make a golden fish just like in the book.and the girls were all on fire.

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the after-sickness getaway

you may know those days… i was actually in good health, not totally, but almost.the little part, that didn’t feel that well, in my case it was my throat, almost didn’t get any attention, because all my attention went to my girls health or sickness – i know, a typical mum-syndrom.we hardly deal with serious sickness over here, ’cause yes, i’d say we are blessed with good health.this time was different hit them hard.harder than i was prepared for.fever, lots of deep coughing and running noses.the fever was the worst. 2 or 3 days, where their bodies were fighting.their breaths were short and broth, salve lime blossom and wild thyme tea’s were on.leg compresses and so on.we also gave them some fever syrup and cough syrup to support their weary bodies.the nights were restless and interrupted.and we couldn’t go outside for our walks.couldn’t go to get our fresh milk.this.yes this, was driving me almost nuts.we did go outside in the garden and even when the girls had fever, we layed them on the terrace on the sheepskin covered with woolblankets.but its just not the same as walking in nature, smelling the trees, bark and moss of the woods.hearing the birds that you only hear in the woods….to make a long story short: after those 5 days i felt like i need to get away somewhere, to get out of the house. Read More