forest kindergarten in germany – a little insight

a few readers asked me to write about “what is forest kindergarten?” and about “forest kindergarten equipment”. well, actually i didn’t want to write about it now. first, because we are “the new ones” in forest kindergarten and i think it takes a while to come out with founded information about it and also a reflected feedback of what we treasure most about it and of what we see a bit critical. and second, i thought it would make more sense to write about forest kindergarten equipment in the winter or next spring, after we actually tested our clothes in the colder ‘minus degree’ and in the wettest season.but since some of you are looking for some information now, in the fall, i’ll give you sort of an overlook with this post of what forest kindergarten is and how forest kindergarten life looks like in our case.there will be a second post coming soon about our personal equipment and their sources.

what is forest kindergarten?

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spring gardening

gardening. in spring. i don’t even know where to start. just because it has been a huge new thing to me somehow.huge in the way of giving me so much in different aspects.gardening has been like school to me.well, actually more than that, ’cause i’ve been the person that unfortunatly never really learnt that much in school.gardening has been like an intense seminar to me.practical in every way.teaching me so much about going with nature’s circumstances and times.teaching me patience.showing me amazment and the little surprising – out of nowhere arising – joys, that children know all so taught me to keep going/ stick with it and to not give up, even though some seeds and processes died or didn’t last showed me to rest and made me cirious for also taught me that i can’t have it all right now, when i want taught me to let go and trust.i can’t influence the hours of sun and the hours of rain.gardening also taught me to step out and ask for advise, to be brave to ask older wiser gardener for their wisdom and experiences. Read More

dolomites – a parents retreat

just before christmas my parents asked us what we would want for christmas.i didn’t really have to think hard about that one.i wanted them to come and visit us.this happens not often since 600km are quiete the drive.we soon knew we wanted them to come for an extended weekend to spend with their granddaughters so we could go on a ‘parents/couple – weekend’.our very first the weekend was planned already last year.we just didn’t really know where to go and wanted it to depend on the weather.we knew we wanted to do something active together.something we have been doing together before we had kids.we wanted to decide between rockclimbing/bouldering or skitouring.since the weather forecast didn’t promise sun and warm temperatures our choice went to skitouring.and since i wanted to go to italy at some point this year, my husband suggested to drive into the italian dolomites/south tirol.spectacular mountains, breathtaking nature, the chance to go skitouring up there was bigger than around here and it is only a three hour drive (without kids….which felt then like a one hour drive). Read More

familyadventures -familienreisekongress this is a looooong post.get ready to read a lot and to look at a lot of photos.

but no worries.i didn’t work and wrote on that all night long.this is mainly an old post with a hiking and mountaincabin description from almost a year may have read it before. but because of a present occasion i thought i put it here for you, so you have the chance to reread you might know we live in the bavarian alps now for about 1,5 years and have been active in the alps with hiking and other mounteneering sports before.our hearts beat for mountaincabins, hiking, several day hikes with overnights at mountaincabins.we did that in other countries as well, like new zealand, but here in the alps, we did quiete a few now.without the girls and when the girls were born, with the girls.but if you wanna hear more about our experiences with mountainhut overnights and hiking in the alps with our two little ones, you can now hear and see me life and find out more about our familyadventures in the mountains very very soon in an interview.

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