snowlights…another easy wintercraft with the little ones

so my friend gifted me a monthly subscription for a wonderful magazine named “Landlust” (this is not a sponsored post though 😉 .) once in a while i bought one of these magazines, because they have some great inspirations and recipes.the magazine is focused on countrylife and nature, so maybe now you figure that this is something that gets me interested. so that birthdaygift was just such a great idea.the first magazine arrived a week ago or so and i found so so many ideas of what i want to try or do myself and with the girls.its nice to go back to a magazine and to not have to take my phone and click through pinterest like crazy.don’t get me wrong, i like pinterest and i use it a lot if i’m looking for a specific recipe or idea, but to hold real paper and to get inspired seasonally, regionally is something i do prefer much more. Read More

birdfeeders… a wintery in- and outdoor activity with the little ones

as winter has for surely moved in, in these past weeks, i’m sure lots of us mothers have thought about what to do with the littles ones on those cold snowy days except going sleighing or skiing. and i’m sure, i’m not the only one that thought about making little birdfeeders with the girls. i can’t count the number of winterbooks where the topic of thinking and taking care of the animals in the woods and the birds is mentioned. well, we’ve got lots of them. and i’m glad that through this way our children learn to care for others as well.christian built a bigger birdfeeder with the girls last winter and that’s when we started the whole birdfeeding thing.but this time, we wanted to bring something for the birds that live close to our little woods. i guess 2 old winter children books that i once read, were big influencers on that (Ingeborg Meyer-Rey: Die gestohlene Nase, Fred Rodrian: Hirsch Heinrich). I quickly ‘pinterested’ on how to do little birdfeeders, that we could hang on the trees and i found the ideas of: Read More

the golden fish – a crafting watercolour project with the little ones

a few nights ago we were looking at eric carle’s illustrations and i was reading ‘brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?’. a favourite book of them we were reading to them when they were still even travelled to patagonia with us.and because colours and re-telling stories are really big over here, yesterday morning after breakfast one of the girls was re-reading and telling the story again.the golden fish, maybe because of its unique colour, was fascinating and her was a foggy rainy springmorning that was fantastic for a little craft i suggested we could make a golden fish just like in the book.and the girls were all on fire.

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nature based easter crafting with kids/forest easter nest

and because i didn’t find time to come out with a blogpost this friday for my friday series , you can enjoy a late weekend read today…yesterday we used for doing some easter crafting. and oh yes, i’m thankful for some wonderful and simple inspirations on pinterest.pinterest can be overwhelming and a bit too much, but if you’re looking for a certain idea that has been on your mind, you can be lucky and find wonderful inspirations there.

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