a day filled with blueberries…

in april this year we spontanously spent an afternoon walking through the moor nearby.it was one of those warm sunny springdays and by then we spied lots and lots of blueberry blossoms.i got all excited and told the girls that soon we will come back and hopefully fill our baskets with those precious yummie blue pearls that we have been picking and eating like crazy last september when we were in norway and sweden.the girls are in love with those wild forest blueberries.they munched them away like crazy as you can see and read here

and because i didn’t want to be too late for them (i must admit i was a bit afraid that all the other people around here would pick them there at this beautiful spot between birches and heather before we arrive) i decided we would have a look before august, which is probably the best month to pick them. the girls were highly motivated that morning and couldn’t wait to leave the house.one of them grabbed her swedish blueberry basket, that my mum got her at one of the swedish thriftstores “loppis”. i guess for her it just made sense to pick blueberries here with the basket she used to pick blueberries with us and her oma and opa in sweden.her sister though didn’t want to take her swedish blueberry basket, but decided to go for her ‘big’ basket (also a gift from her oma).i put some sandwich/butterbrot paper in their baskets to avoid stains. Read More

summer gardening…first harvests

 the glory of gardening:

hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature

to nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul

– alfred austin

gardening.feeding my soul.oh yes.this is excactly how it feels.and i’m sure most of you are right with me there.

i see beauty there in every aspect :

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spring gardening

gardening. in spring. i don’t even know where to start. just because it has been a huge new thing to me somehow.huge in the way of giving me so much in different aspects.gardening has been like school to me.well, actually more than that, ’cause i’ve been the person that unfortunatly never really learnt that much in school.gardening has been like an intense seminar to me.practical in every way.teaching me so much about going with nature’s circumstances and times.teaching me patience.showing me amazment and the little surprising – out of nowhere arising – joys, that children know all so well.it taught me to keep going/ stick with it and to not give up, even though some seeds and processes died or didn’t last long.it showed me to rest and enjoy.it made me cirious for more.it also taught me that i can’t have it all right now, when i want it.it taught me to let go and trust.i can’t influence the hours of sun and the hours of rain.gardening also taught me to step out and ask for advise, to be brave to ask older wiser gardener for their wisdom and experiences. Read More

friday series – some thoughts of a citymouse on the countryside

i might continue to write down some thoughts and impressions that come to me, transform me and work in me when it comes to living a life on the countryside at a later time.

i have been living as a citymouse for 34 years.i know.34 years.long time living in cities.and we didn’t even make the big extreme change with moving to a farm.for now we just live in a small village.at the foot of a mountain.with a river and the woods nearby.that change though was quiet big for me.i was critical and sceptical before we moved.also because i’m not bavarian…

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friday series -nature, a place to call home ?!

we all have been kind of sick over christmas and new years.colds.coughs.feeling a bit weak in general.this status forced us to stay inside more than we usually would do and to only do light and short walks outside.so we burned a lot of wood in our fireplace.lit a lot of beeswax candles and sometimes stayed in our pyjamas all day long.

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