its all about the blueberries – our late summer in scandinavia

blueberries.everywhere blueberries.we came to the blueberrylands and loved it. they were our constant companions in norway and sweden. oh so sweet and fresh. we were all in love with them. especially the little ones have fallen for them right away. during hikes, they were little, but highly effective powerpearls and motivators and the girls all the sudden started walking or hiking up little hills again. we collected them and made the yummiest blueberry crèpes and fresh blueberryjam. while in the woods, you could find the little ones sitting somewhere on the green soft moss eating and singing. they even figured out, that the blueberries, growing on top of a tree stub or generelly a bit higher, were the bigger ones (’cause they simply get more light). then you could hear them shouting through the woods “here, a lot a lot” or “here, very big very big”. it was just such a joy to see them savouring them right from the bush or in their muesli, with yoghurt, in pancakes or as jam on bread. my parents joined us for about two weeks and years ago they started to collect blueberries and cranberries in sweden.back then, they started to cook jam there on their camping gascooker and filled up lots of glasses. this year they took ‘just’ 80 empty glasses to fill them with blueberries. as you can imagine, their joy had been huge, watching their granddaughters picking and eating blueberries all day long.i don’t exaggerate saying that they’re real blueberrylovers after our vacation in scandinavia. Read More