dark chocolate zucchini cake

its july and we’re harvesting zucchinis now, daily. and even though i already freezed zucchini dishes like ratatouille, zucchini tomatoe sauce, grated zucchini’s for future zucchini cakes and even though i have some glasses in the basement with italian zucchini antipasti, i end up writing messages to friends nearby, asking if they would love to pick up some zucchini’s at our house. i remember that last year, i also harvested some zucchini’s from the field, but this year is almost a bit crazy. Read More

apple-rhubarb cake

its the beginning of march and the first signs of spring just showed.we were checking on our rhubarb plants, but couldn’t see anything yet.fingers crossed, that they pop up soon.last year we harvested quiete a lot and beside making rhubarb juice or compote, i cutted the rhubarb in little squares and freezed it in little portions.and just a few days ago i still saw 2 little bags of frozen rhubarb in our freezer and totally felt like i need that spring taste.now.good, that one of my daughters wanted to bake with me a couple of days later and asked me to make apple cake instead of the usual banana cake/bread i’m making a lot. maybe too much? so i agreed on apple cake and sneaked some rhubarb into it as well.she didn’t mind.and i just went for my basic banana-bread recipe and varied a little bit with the ingredients from there.my daughter collected the tiny little baking forms i once bought for their play-kitchen and was all happy about the mini apple-rhubarb cakes.but enough said about our baking morning.here’s the recipe: Read More

Wintercake – Snowcake

It must have been 6 or 7 years ago when one of my former work collegues surprised us at work around christmastime with her wintercake. we all sat in the team-meeting and savoured that dark-chocolate espresso cake.we all were so thrilled of that cake, when the soft chocolate batter melted in our mouths, which instantly reminded me of the movie “chocolat” with Juliette Binoche, that we wanted the recipe of her.asap. Read More

coconut christmas cookies and some advent thoughts

remember how it feels, if you eat or drink something or if you smell a certain fragrance¬† or hear a certain familiar voice/sound and all of the sudden you’re that little child again, you’re stranded right in your childhood. oh i love those moments. and this year, yes this season, i needed lots of them. Read More

plum marzipan cake – zwetschgen marzipan kuchen

september started and somehow it didn’t feel like the month of fall/autumn. it’s still summer over here with high temperatures and the farmers are still drying their hay in the fields.but when i went to my favourite vegetable and fruit gardener to get some fresh local products, i spied the first german plums….”zwetschgenzeit”….yes, it’s plum time and that is the time when fall is around the corner or when fall took over.i tried one and oh my.memories and feelings coming up with one bite of a ripe sweet plum.i don’t need to tell you that i grabbed a paper bag and filled it with about 2 kg of plums.when i bought them i knew i needed to make a plumcake.its ‘a must’ for me to enter the new season.fall.i’m ready for you.the local little bakeries are offering the typical bavarian “zwetschgendatschi”. i like them, but i’m just not the biggest fan of yeast dough, thats why i looked into a sponge mixture for the cake.

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