dark chocolate zucchini cake

its july and we’re harvesting zucchinis now, daily. and even though i already freezed zucchini dishes like ratatouille, zucchini tomatoe sauce, grated zucchini’s for future zucchini cakes and even though i have some glasses in the basement with italian zucchini antipasti, i end up writing messages to friends nearby, asking if they would love to pick up some zucchini’s at our house. i remember that last year, i also harvested some zucchini’s from the field, but this year is almost a bit crazy.

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the good thing about the zucchini quantity though is that i really took some time to try out new recipes. i like to get inspired by some pinterest cake photos and so i often end up finding some good recipes there at some neat foodblogs. most of the time i adjust those recipes with the ingredients a bit e.g using less sugar or maple syrup instead or using wholemeal speltflour instead of wheat flour and so on and so forth. i made a nutty hazelnut zucchini cake (german recipe link here) and i tried out Conny’s excellent boozy (i didn’t add the rum though) chocolate cake with zucchini, where you’ll find her recipe below, translated by me and original in german with a link here to her blog. her dark chocolate zucchini cake is my favourite zucchini cake so far. another zucchini cake that is waiting to be baked by me is a lemon zucchini cake topped with a fresh summery lemon glaze (here’s the link to the german recipe).

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recipe dark chocolate zucchini cake

250g spelt flour (i used wholemeal spelt flour)
30g cocoa powder for baking
170g room temperature butter (i used a neutral vegetable oil)
170g raw cane sugar
2 eggs
100g dark chocolate (70% cocoa content)
200g grated zucchini (i used a bit over 200g of grated zucchini)
100ml milk
5 tbsp rum (otional)
1 tsp baking powder
1pinch of salt

for the glaze:
80ml cream
100g dark chocolate (70% cocoa content)
20g butter

preheat the oven to 175°C (air circulation). use a smaller loaf pan.

i just mixed all the ingedients for the cake together and baked it for about 50-60 minutes on 175°C (air circulation).

while the cake cooled off i boiled up the cream in a small pan, added the chocolate (in pieces) and then the butter while stirring the glaze in the pan.pour over the baked cake when its completely cooled off.now you can decorate the cake as long as the glaze is still soft with whatever you like.edible flowers, hazelnuts,…i put the cake with the glaze in the fridge for a while until the glaze got firmer.

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