Splitboarding – first impressions of this season (2016/2017)

Hi there. It’s been a while that I wrote a post on our website. The reason to participate the blog of my wife was to report about one of my biggest passions: Splitboarding. Related to that is the subject of compatibility. Working, earning money, working on new professional perspectives, being a family, go travelling, having friends and keep them, follow individual passions and, indeed, blogging about some of it, if there is some time left.20170303_103336


Half of winter is over already and I’ve wrote no blog post on the topic yet. Several reasons: On the one hand, this has been a strange winter so far. The pictures may not look like it, but in my opinion I still had not very spectacular tours this winter. I’m talking about steep couloirs, extra high peaks or extra long powder runs. But, is that really what counts? Of course not. Of course I had spectacular moments on tour this winter. On the other hand, I felt to have no time to work on a blog post. (This one is getting short as well!)

To be honest. Blogging is not one of my priorities. It’s being out there. Up there.


I just came back from my second 5-day beginners’ course I gave for the German Alpine Club in the Austrian Alps. I was very lucky with the two groups, whose participants were all really nice, open-minded and collegial (such groups are often very heterogeneous and participants have to show consideration for each other). For me, it was a very valuable experience. The huge responsibility to get them up and down safely, to offer fun, some kind of adventure and to provide sound knowledge about avalanches, avalanche search procedures, weather, orientation and first aid. The goal of the course is, that participants should be able to plan ski tours on their own and that, basically, they can assess the risks. It’s not an easy project, but worked very well and I’m a little proud of it.

As I said before, particularly spectacular tours were not mine this winter, not yet. And to be honest, the most beautiful tour of this winter was pretty unspectacular and directly outside my front door, in the Chiemgau Alps. More specifically on the Geigelstein, our local mountain. Together with my neighbours, we had very good conditions and made a small Reibn (Bavarian for round trip) on a total of 3 Summits. The runs were not very long, but the snow and weather were great and still untracked slopes. Simply gorgeous.


And it’s only half-time yet. The actual season for ski touring, late winter and spring, just started. Therefore hopefully other posts on the topic of splitboarding will follow. This one should represent only the starting signal. I’m curious though how frequently a report seems possible (talking about time, priorities and compatibility).


To all the borders and ski tourers of you. Ride on! Breathtaking and save!

4 thoughts on “Splitboarding – first impressions of this season (2016/2017)

  1. Martin

    I know the feeling, being out there is also always my top-prority, writing about it comes last 😉
    For me as well, this winter didn’t bring the big dumps and loads of snow. But I learned to enjoy the smaller things and did shorter splitboard-tours on local hills. Looking forward to your posts!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      Hi Martin,
      vielen Dank für Deine Rückmeldung. “Klein aber fein” hatte ich diesen Winter auch schon einiges. Und mal sehen was der Frühling so bringt.

      Viel Spaß Dir!



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