snowlights…another easy wintercraft with the little ones

so my friend gifted me a monthly subscription for a wonderful magazine named “Landlust” (this is not a sponsored post though 😉 .) once in a while i bought one of these magazines, because they have some great inspirations and recipes.the magazine is focused on countrylife and nature, so maybe now you figure that this is something that gets me interested. so that birthdaygift was just such a great idea.the first magazine arrived a week ago or so and i found so so many ideas of what i want to try or do myself and with the girls.its nice to go back to a magazine and to not have to take my phone and click through pinterest like crazy.don’t get me wrong, i like pinterest and i use it a lot if i’m looking for a specific recipe or idea, but to hold real paper and to get inspired seasonally, regionally is something i do prefer much more.

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the snowlight idea catched my attention.simply because i thought: what a great thing to do with the girls.its so so simple that they can do it by themselfes without my help. we only need glasses, coarse salt and a bit of water.

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so even when the snow might go away or disappear, we can still have a touch of winter at home. and if you don’t have snow at all at your place, this is a great craft to get some winter inside.if you have older kids and cirious kids, you can teach them a lot about physic and chemistry as well.saltcrystals and so on. for us, that was not the topic so much.

when the girls filled their glasses with the coarse salt and when they put a bit of water on top, we placed our glasses near to our oven, that gets heated a lot during the day.if you don’t have an oven or fireplace, look for a warm place in your appartment or house, like close to your heating system.the warm air will help that the salt can dissolve with the water and slowly (it will take a few days) the saltcrystals will rise and grow up on the glass. we made sure, that when we heated the oven or put in more wood, we placed the glass a bit further away from the oven, ’cause the more even the warm temperature is, the more even the saltcrystals will grow.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

the girls were so fascinated and every morning they ran to the oven to have a look on how much the saltcrystals grew. also they made sure, to take care of their glasses by watering them a bit when the salt was all dried out.a good excercise for them to take care of something. when the saltcrystals moved higher and higher on the glasses, we put tealights inside and decorated them a bit on the outside. the girls big eyes were full of wonder and we all really like the i hope i could encourage you to give it a try.i’m sure those snowlights will be a great gift for others as well.

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