plum marzipan cake – zwetschgen marzipan kuchen

september started and somehow it didn’t feel like the month of fall/autumn. it’s still summer over here with high temperatures and the farmers are still drying their hay in the fields.but when i went to my favourite vegetable and fruit gardener to get some fresh local products, i spied the first german plums….”zwetschgenzeit”….yes, it’s plum time and that is the time when fall is around the corner or when fall took over.i tried one and oh my.memories and feelings coming up with one bite of a ripe sweet plum.i don’t need to tell you that i grabbed a paper bag and filled it with about 2 kg of plums.when i bought them i knew i needed to make a plumcake.its ‘a must’ for me to enter the new season.fall.i’m ready for you.the local little bakeries are offering the typical bavarian “zwetschgendatschi”. i like them, but i’m just not the biggest fan of yeast dough, thats why i looked into a sponge mixture for the cake.

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and while i was scrolling through pinterest, i stopped when reading the words plum cake with marzipan.that combination must be good.i knew right away.and i’m a big almond fan this time the pinterest search was a short one.yeahh.and i found this really easy and simple recipe.nothing fancy.and from one of the german general recipe websites. if you’re german click here for the recipe. i followed it as it is, just that i baked the cake in a baking dish instead of a baking tin, which is much my cake was higher and i didn’t use as much plums as it says in the recipe.also i used speltflour instead of normal flour.speltflour gives you an extra nutty flavour that’s why i like to use it in all my cakes and baking beside the fact that i feel a bit better.healthier, you know what i mean 😉

the plum cakes i baked before or i ate before were always so good with cold fresh whipped cream.and if you go to a bavarian restaurant or “wirtshaus” and if you order a plum cake “zwetschgendatschi”, its mostly served with fresh cold whipping cream.they go hand in hand. with that plum marzipan cake it was different.the cake is so so moist itself and of course also a bit heavier because of the marzipan, i think you really don’t need any extra whipping cream, but it’s for sure yummy too.and when your cake is still warm and you serve it with a scoop of vanilla icecream, you can’t go wrong neither. so yeah, i hope you enjoy the cake as much as we did.

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for a big baking tin/plate

  • 2kg plums (fresh ones will be best, but if you don’t have them maybe you can buy them conserved in glasses)
  • 200g marzipan paste
  • 250g butter (i used a vegetable oil with a buttery taste and it worked perfect)
  • 250g sugar (i recommend to use less, because i found it very very sweet with the marzipan.and not everyone likes it soooo sweet as me)
  • 15g of vanilla sugar
  • a few drops of bitter almond aroma (i didn’t have it at home, so i used 100g grounded almonds and then only 150g speltflour)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 250g flour (i used speltflour and i used only 150g of speltflour and used 100g grounded alomonds)
  • 75g starch/cornflour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 30g  almond flakes

cut the plums in half and remove the stones.roughly grade the marzipan paste(its easier to grade it when you put the paste in the freezer for a short time). beat the soft butter with 200g of sugar, vanilla sugar, bitter almond aroma and with the salt until fluffy. stir in the eggs.mix the flour with starch and baking powder and stir in as well.then gently mix under the graded marzipan.

put some baking paper on your baking tin/plate or in your baking dish and pour in the dough/batter. now garnish the dough with the plums. mix the rest of the sugar (50g) with the almond flakes and spread over the plums. bake until golden brown in the preheated oven with 175 °C for about 45-50 minutes.


6 thoughts on “plum marzipan cake – zwetschgen marzipan kuchen

  1. Martha

    Liebe Esther,
    Schon seit einiger Zeit, lese Deinen blog. Auch auf insta schaue ich Deine Fotos und lese mit, bin aber selber nicht angemeldet und wollte hiermit ‘Hallo’ sagen…
    Ich empfinde Dein Profil sehr angenehm, mich spricht die Wärme, liebe zu deinen Kindern, der Natur und auch dein wie ich es erlebe ruhiges und entspanntes Wesen sehr an. Deine Fotos sind wunderschön und du bist eine Inspiration für mich als Mutter und Frau. Danke dafür und sei lieb gegrüßt, Martha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      Liebe Martha.Ganz ganz vielen Dank für dein liebes “Hallo” Sagen.Das freut mich ja total.Und ich freue mich besonders wenn ich hier durch immer wieder mal Inspiration geben kann.Und vor allen wenn die Inspiration auch Wirkung auf dein Leben als Mutter oder als Frau hat.Vielen vielen Dank für dein ermutigendes Feedback hier. Alles alles Gute für Dich und deine Familie.Esther*


  2. Kikki

    Liebe Esther,
    nachdem ich Samstag Abend dein Rezept las, wollte ich es so gerne direkt am Sonntag backen und obwohl einige Zutaten fehlten ( Backpulver?!, gestiftelte Mandeln) ist der Kuchen super lecker geworden. Zwetschgen und Marzipan, so für eine feine Kombination! Danke für den Tipp und diese tollen Fotos! Schöne Grüße, Kikki

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      liebe kikki,
      voll cool zu hören.ach improvisieren fetzt und haut doch meistens voll gut hin.und ja.die kombi oder?ich bin auch voll angefixt 😉 danke für dein feedback des rezept ausprobierens hier. ganz liebe grüße zurück.esther*


  3. Sandra

    Hi Esther, I recently discovered your blog and fell in love with your wonderful pictures and stories, recipes etc. – truly inspiring! I will definitely try to bake that cake. I am pregnant at the moment and think that staying at home for more than one year would be very good for my child, and I would enjoy it, too. However, I am not sure whether we will be able to afford that (I am married to a German engineer and we live near Karlsruhe). I was wondering whether you stayed at home all the time with or without working. I assume being a representative for children’s clothes pays quite well already, but I do not have the same kind of connections. Do you have any suggestions for me? Maybe you have written about that before (in that case: sorry for asking once more), but I did not read all the past blog and Insta posts. All the best, Sandra

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      dear sandra, first of all.thank you for the flowers and i hope the cake turns out well for you.
      i like to answer your questions in more details, but this blog is not the platform to talk abour our personal financial situation. let me just quickly say: i did stay home all the time.representing children clothes for sure saves us some money, but we do not earn money by in bavaria we were lucky to get support from the state such as “betreuungsgeld” and “landeserziehungsgeld” (i know now everything changed).but that was a huge thing for us and we were lucky to get all that times two.another important note i want to leave here is that i think its important to constantly talk with each other as parents about that situation.i know lots of families who managed that the mother could stay home longer than one year.if this is your priority as a family, i’m sure you will find a way and it probably means that you have to limit or narrow some expenses and maybe your familiar lifestyle.but for now, enjoy your pregnancy and your little one once its there.if you hold it and get to know it with all its needs and personality you will know what feels right for you, i’m sure.all the best for you and your growing family.esther*


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