a day filled with blueberries…

in april this year we spontanously spent an afternoon walking through the moor nearby.it was one of those warm sunny springdays and by then we spied lots and lots of blueberry blossoms.i got all excited and told the girls that soon we will come back and hopefully fill our baskets with those precious yummie blue pearls that we have been picking and eating like crazy last september when we were in norway and sweden.the girls are in love with those wild forest blueberries.they munched them away like crazy as you can see and read here

and because i didn’t want to be too late for them (i must admit i was a bit afraid that all the other people around here would pick them there at this beautiful spot between birches and heather before we arrive) i decided we would have a look before august, which is probably the best month to pick them. the girls were highly motivated that morning and couldn’t wait to leave the house.one of them grabbed her swedish blueberry basket, that my mum got her at one of the swedish thriftstores “loppis”. i guess for her it just made sense to pick blueberries here with the basket she used to pick blueberries with us and her oma and opa in sweden.her sister though didn’t want to take her swedish blueberry basket, but decided to go for her ‘big’ basket (also a gift from her oma).i put some sandwich/butterbrot paper in their baskets to avoid stains.

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when we got there we walked to different spots in the moor.our feet and birkenstocks got partially wet, but that didn’t bother us.the girls were in their happy place and so was i.the first minutes they excitedly ran around with their baskets to look for spots with lots and more blueberries.in the beginning they tried to put some berries in the basket.but within seconds, those ended in their mouths.it didn’t take long when they placed their baskets somewhere to have both hands free.picking is so much easier that way.and so i took their baskets and filled them, while those blueberry fairies picked and ate and ate and ate.one started to hum and buzz the melody of a typical german children’s song ‘ein vogel wollte hochzeit feiern…’/’the bird wedding’ that they were practising with the forest kindergarden group for their summer fair.oh it was a wonderful morning and we were already talking about baking a blueberry cake or something like that later on.

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in the afternoon i prepared and baked shortcrust pastry tartelettes with an almondcream filling.for all kind of berry or apricot tarte’s i love to use cynthia barcomi’s frangipane tarte recipe .we then filled the tartelettes with the blueberries and savoured them with fresh whipped cream.blueberry tartlettes.a real summertreat.

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when we emptied the two baskets and poured out all the blueberries on the table, we realized that the butterbrot/sandwich paper looked so lovely.so lovely, that i decided to put that art on the wall…blueberry art.

we usually put some seasonal art of the girls on our living room wall (it was painted leaves in the fall, snow falling… white colour they drew with pinecones in winter, some colourful abstract art that rose from painting eggs with natural ingredients in spring)

and 2 days ago, when our friends visited us a day after we picked blueberries, one of them was asking what it is.and so i asked one of my girls to tell her.and her answer was:

‘its raindrops with blueberries’

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while picking blueberries, i also collected some blueberry branches/twigs and some moss to bring home with us.a sort of blueberry bouquet, that speaks of sommer and that reminds us at this lovely day in the moor.i simply used an empty glass.filled it a bit with water.placed the moss inside and the blueberry branches.thats it.well, the blueberries, that were still hanging on the branches, didn’t hang on there for too long as you might assume 😉

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also one last thing that needs a place here when i talk about “a day filled with blueberries…” is how to get out blueberry stains from pants and shirts that of course go along with enjoying blueberries in the woods.i was pretty confident about that, ’cause last year when we were celebrating a big huge summer fair in our garden with a big buffet, the girls were eating lots of berry tiramisu and berries themselfes.their bright linendresses were full of stains and a friend of my neighbour gave me the hint to use milk.so i put the dresses in a big bowl and filled it with lots of milk.i soaked them and waited over night.the next morning i washed them in the machine with some laundry detergent and all the stains were gone.completely.i couldn’t believe it.but it worked miracles.so in the evening of our blueberry day i soaked all our clothes with lots of milk over night and washed them  the next morning.all stains were gone.it really works.so give it a try if you wish.

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linenpants and linen top by redcreekhandmade, pima cotton short sleeve by nieva, head scarfs by nuscheli

2 thoughts on “a day filled with blueberries…

    1. esther

      Thank you monique.yes, I also thought it would be so sad to throw away what nature naturally created somehow.raindrops and blueberries.warm greetings and a wonderful weekend to you, esther*


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