friday series – get out

it’s been on my heart to write out some thoughts about living with kids in/with nature and outdoors. why? because for us, it’s very important, it’s essential to spend time outside, especially with our kids. we both got to know it well and know this from our childhood and experienced it as something really valuable. we see so many positive effects that develop and are caused by being in nature. first, we see them on ourselves and now also on/with our kids.

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i grew up in the GDR with camping and nature holidays. i was raised in the city, but we always lived in appartments of old houses that had a huge garden. my parents were lucky to live at the basement, so our mum sent us 4 outside all the time. we had play corners and our imaginary world out there. we were able to freely move and play without adults watching us. for us it was paradise and totally enough. i liked to be outside as far as i remember, but with growing older and becoming a teenager i didn’t feel the urge and desire to be outdoors that much. when i got to know my husband i was up to things outdoor, but i was pretty new to all mountain activities. i grew up with hiking holidays and lots of woods and lakes, but hiking up alpine mountains was something totally new. and to be honest it cost years for him to get a desire and fire lit in me. i was swearing at him, ’cause i found it was so exhausting. but then, up there, the view and the achievement. something i didn’t want to miss. something that was so big that he convinced me over and over. so i learned to see the pleasure and positive in mountaineering, because someone was pulling me and constantly taking me with him. blame it to him and my parents, who laid the base roots back then, that now i’m a total nature addict and mountain lover. just as my parents and my husband were continuously encouraging me to join them out there and to get over my phlegmatic characteristics, that’s how i think we can encourage and lay roots with our kids for a big nature love. it starts with us. with our own desire to be out there, to seek nature’s beauty. no matter where and how we live.

a lot of people asked us if we moved out of the city to the country because of our kids. well, no. that was not our very first reason. our reason was really selfish maybe. but we did this, because of us and our desire to live closer in nature and of course to the mountains (the mountains were calling…first and mainly my husband). the kids of course played a main role in this all, but not necessarily the first. we always loved and enjoyed being and moving outdoors. that’s where we developed, reflected and grew a lot. individually and somehow as a couple. out there, in nature, we had time to talk, made plans, got creative and encouraged to dream and then to live our dream. out there, where we and our problems all the sudden were so small, that’s where we were and are able to think further and to reach out to the greater and bigger. out there in nature, in the mountains, we were challenged and got to our limits while hiking, rock climbing or getting in a sudden thunderstorm. in the roaring silence of nature or the cosy simplicity of a mountain hut, there we developed solutions. that’s where we connected and got to the ‘real’, the deeper stuff. i could continue to write down all the great and wonderful things that we’ve got to know and experienced in nature. it’s important to know and to start there i think. because i believe that those experiences over the years laid the foundation of why it was so important for us to want just the same for our kids. despite all the facts that are known about early childhood and nature. i don’t want to write about those facts here now, ’cause then i wouldn’t find an end. there’s sooo soo much. so much great development potential, health reasons,…maybe at another time.

so when we lived in the city we were constantly seeking to be out there. in the woods, on the countryside, in the mountains…we were drawn. and the higher our stress level was, the more we were drawn out of the city. we used every single weekend we had to be out there. sometimes we would do half day trips before our work or before our work shift would start. we explored the parks and were drawn to the biggest and widest parks, to the lonely spots, as far as we could find some in the city. but if you’re looking for them, you’ll find them. when the girls were born it was just the same. i remember when the girls were just a few days old, i just had to get outside. i needed to walk. i needed to breathe in deep and fresh winterair. i thought i would go insane when being inside too long. so i experienced our times outside as a necessary thing for myself. of course i knew that fresh air helps every baby and that walks outside are in general good for the young ones as well. but no, honestly, i did it mainly for myself. and so an early routine started. i went outside to the park nearby every day. in raingear, in snow/winter gear…whatever. there was no bad weather. i had to go outside. and you probably know how it is with early routines: they are easily becoming a part of your daily life. i remember i discovered a pretty lonely spot in the park or at the end of the park, where the meadow was still wild and wildflowers were growing everywhere. i was drawn to that part of the park and it didn’t take long and i started to say “my/our little park”. the girls crawled there, took their first steps. we lay on the blanket there forever. a little tiny stream was flowing nearby and the girls were all fascinated. that park in the city with its secret lonely spots has been our “get away” our nature paradise during the week. its full of memories. i know some other people probably would have been bored to go there after a couple of days, but if you’re looking for a little tiny nature spot that isn’t crowded and that has potential to you, you start to see the little things and different things. day by day. it didn’t get boring. the girls showed me all the different facettes and wonders that laid right before my eyes. i just needed to be open to them. you see, all i want to say here is, that it all starts with us, with you. how big is your need and desire to be out there in nature? you’ll find the time and the places, no matter if you live in the country or the city. of course its way easier and so much prettier to seek nature and wilderness when living on the countryside. and at this point, let me tell you, it’s also so easy to take nice photos on the countryside. it shows and reflects somehow that untouched, life-filled, calm and resting life. a life, most of us are longing for in times of hectic and stress.

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however your passion in life looks like, maybe it’s not nature, but culture for example, stay close to your heart and set your soul free, use it, nourish it and take your kids along your journey. and maybe you will find your own little private place out there, with fresh air in the green. maybe it’s the park beside in front of the museum. maybe it’s a place in the mountains with more wilderness. join nature – you’re part of it and it’s part of you.


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{all photos of this post are from little trips we did this week}

14 thoughts on “friday series – get out

  1. daniellegiles

    I recently posted about getting outside on my own corner of the Internet and outdoor space. Your photography is succulent and rich in deep colours, but I’m especially intrigued by your past living in the GDR. Do you write on your past there in any other blog posts I could read?

    Keep writing and getting outside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      hi there and thank you for your reading and your kind words here.well i was still little when the wall came down but even my elementary school time memories and in general the first 9 years are still really present to might be that i mentioned some roots or challenges about that past in one of my posts here, but i can’t tell you in which posts.sorry, you might need to take the time to overread them when you wanna find something. warm greetings, esther*


  2. Eva

    das ist sehr schön geschrieben und erklärt, warum deine fotos bayern so verzaubert aussehen lassen. wenn man dort aufgewachsen ist, nimmt man die landschaft nicht unbedingt als schön, eher als selbstverständlich und langweilig wahr. erst aus der distanz betrachtet und mit jedem lebensjahr, das ich zulege kann ich deinen blickwinkel nachvollziehen und mir selbst eingestehen, wie schön es dort eigentlich ist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      liebe eva, danke für dein feedback.dass was du schreibst höre ich tatsächlich öfter von leuten die hier in der wunderschönen landschaft groß geworden sind.wie schön zu lesen dass du die einzigartige schönheit hier nun ganz neu und wertvoll wertschätzen und sehen kannst….ich glaub die distanz und das alter sind tatsächlich solche faktoren die das so neu schenken 😉 liebe grüße,esther*


  3. Nina

    Thank you for this reminder. With my cores undone and mountains of washing still undone I often give in and stay home with my boys. Making it a routine is making it happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      hi nina….yes, i think it can actually help us. installing routines, that also stand for priorities then….you’ll find your pace and time.all the best.esther*


  4. Vilde Antoinette

    Esther du hast ein sehr rührenden Artikel geschrieben, wie ich finde. Oft sehne ich mich nach einem Leben auf dem Lande, welches wir auch vorhaben nach meinem Studium umzusetzen. In Dresden gibt es viele schöne Grüne Ecken und es ist wirklich nicht schwierig sich eine Auszeit in der Natur zu gönnen. Leider fällt mir persönlich der erste Schritt sehr schwer durch meine sehr ausgeprägte soziale Angst. Und es liegt allein an mir dies zu überwinden. Da ist es sehr gut solch schöne motivierende Worte zu lesen. Danke dir!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      liebe vilde, ganz ganz lieben dank für deine rührende rückmeldung hier.wie sehr es mich freut, dass der artikel motiviert.trotz sozialer angst, die ja nun in dresden und großstädten viel viel mehr zum tragen kommt als aufm land.aber ich bin mir sicher, dass die erste, eben auch anstrengende und harte konfrontation (mit anderen menschen), dir hilft die orte der ruhe und des aufatmens zu finden.die dresdner heide hat bestimmt noch einige sehr ruhige ecken 😉 du kannst das schaffen hinaus zu gehen.und wirst dann ganz bestimmt in und mit der natur belohnt…ps: falls du gleichgesinnte und anschluss suchst(was die soziale angst betrifft…keine ahnung wie ausgeprägt das bei dir ist) dann kann ich dir angstselbsthilfegruppen empfehlen. in dresden gibts bestimmt auch eine.die gibt es deutschlandweit.alles gute dir und liebe grüße, esther*


  5. Nathalie

    Liebe Esther,

    tolle Fotos, tolle Stimmung, tolle Texte. Lese sie immer abends im Bett und werde dann ganz nachdenklich und wehmütig…

    Darf ich fragen, woher die total süßen roten Mützen und Stiefel deiner Mädchen her sind?

    Danke und liebe Grüße aus der Großstadt Berlin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      liebe nathalie.danke, danke für die lieben worte hier. die roten mützen habe ich vor knapp 2 jahren bei greer von @typicallyred (ihr insta name) bestellt und die schuhe unserer mädels kaufen wir bei gea (zweites paar schuh für zwilli eltern umsonst). liebe grüße,esther*


    1. esther

      hi sheila. ohh soo soo good. thank you for reading…oh i wonder how my girls will be with 7…real girls. schoolgirls. hihi.
      all the best for you and blessings.


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