friday series – crafting sessions on cold grey winterdays

we were waiting for the snow.for weeks.i feel priviliged for living in the mountains, where my view and look outside always and still fills me with wonder and thankfullness.its almost like there is no bad somehow doesn’t exist.lately though, the black woods and trees were getting to me.the mountains almost seemed to narrow/constrict me with their dark and heavy sight.

oh winter, white winter.where are you.would you please come and decorate and beautify our trees here, make the trees shine and glitter in their prettiest dress.would you please come and bring some new lightness and brightness to the tiny little souls living at the foot of the black mountain….

thoughts and longings that came up, day by day.

but while waiting, i realized i started to enjoy and treasure our times inside more than ever before.the coziness, the warmth.i realized that my girls have done a growth step and keep themselfes more busy while playing together.i’m able to breathe and have longer breaks while those two kind of disappear in their own world.staying inside moved to a more pleasant level for me as a mother.we always go out for walks, but the mornings or afternoons we stay inside still asks to be filled with some activities we do together the times they keep themselfes busy now.and lately the girls ask me to do some more crafting.painting, playdough or stamping.the latter was the most popular stamp on their little note – books.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

a few weeks ago I ordered little natural wood slices and so I got them out, ’cause I thought it might be fun for them to make little animal ornaments or gifts with them.also, they could practice stamping in a finer and more precise,that they are almost 3 years old I observed huge steps of development when it comes to crafting stuff, like holding scissors, drawing on a thing for a longer time and using less space.the focus and concentration increases.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So that stamping session was fun to observe.they each found a favourite stamp and animal and one of the girls was stamping the wooden slices on each side and demanded on getting more and more where the other one still felt more comfortable with stamping on her personal familiar note – again, i think those crafting sessions are great to get a great picture of how and where my girls are.of how unique they work and express encouraged me, once more, to give those crafting sessions more time in our weekly schedule.

those stamped natural wooden slices also could be used as a memory game, i just found out.

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2 thoughts on “friday series – crafting sessions on cold grey winterdays

    1. esther

      hi kate.thank you.i know.thats what i thought when the girls finished their stamping.thats why i mentioned it in the last sentence, but i guess its more something for older kids (well my almost 3 year olds wouldn’t be ready for that now 😉


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