a little autumnal mountainhut adventure – wagneralm

the weekend was dreamy and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. the colours and the light of a golden fall were almost dramatic. we spent it outside and did little trips.to lakes in the mountains and to forests up there. we all didn’t want it to end. when my husband told me he would do homeoffice today, i was like ‘yes,yes,yes’. so in the morning the girls and me went on our weekly monday excursion/trip. the weather? again, dreamy. so we walked and biked around our woods and moor almost half the day. we couldn’t get enough though and knew we will spend the other half of the day outside as well, after a lunchbreak.

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and because my husband has been a busy bee in the quiet house during the morningtime, we decided to hike up to a little alp/mountain hut later in the afternoon to witness another great sunset like we did yesterday. we needed an easy and fast ascent to an alp, ’cause we would not have a lot of time.

we decided to go up to the wagneralm and we really only needed about half an hour. the girls partly walked up there or were carried on our shoulders. on the way they climbed upon little rocks and roots and played with leaves as well. so the time to get up there really is short and the way is easy. you can also take a stroller, if you like. it definatly is a great destination for families with young kids. you can park your car at the waldparkplatz.

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when we got up there, we were welcomened by the prettiest and nicest dog (when i asked one of my daughters tonight about one think of today she really really liked, she said the dog.the dog up there.petting the dog).we ordered a red currant spritzer and our food highlight up there were the fresh warm homemade bavarian doughnuts.oh my.mouthwatering.we enjoyed the view and the sun up there and just before we left, we watched the sunset.another magical autumnday in november.

6 thoughts on “a little autumnal mountainhut adventure – wagneralm

  1. Lena

    Liebe Esther,
    Hab dank für den Tip, wir wohnen ja auch hier und trotzdem machen wir irgendwie immer das gleiche;) deshalb freue ich mich über solche Anstupser! Gerne mehr davon…. Natürlich auch wegen der wunderschönen Fotos!
    Ein lieber Gruß von Lena


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