friday series – SAGE *home remedies

it’s time to get in all of our herbs that are still growing outside. mr.frost can surprise us now during the next nights and we wanna save our helpful herbs.

this week we started with sage. it grows in our italian neighbours backyard and he told me to get as much as I want. its a jungle of sage there. also because the girls suffered a cold, it was time to make use of that healing herb.

the most simple and easy way to use it is in a hot tea. a sage honey tea that is soothing and healing for the throat and helps to minimize colds.

another option for sage tea is the sage – garlic tea (2g sage leaves, 2g lavender flowers, 3 cloves of garlic) which helps to reduce high cholesterol problems.

we also made sage – cough syrup (sage, brown cane sugar)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

you can also easily make sage- honey (1 bio lemon, 500g honey, 16 fresh sage leaves, 3 cloves, 1 stick of cinnamon)

if you have some issues with perspiration or if you tend to easily get athletes foot, you can use sage in a sage – footbath (a hand full of fresh sage, 2 spoons of coarse salt).

the aromathic herb sage shows another healing aspect used in form of a sage – oinment/salve (muscatel/cleary sage, almond oil, beeswax, clear/pure essential muscatel oil) for skin blemishes or skin inflammation.

and because sage cleanses, strenghten and desinfects the gum, its worth biting on those precious leaves. you can also make dental salt (fine seasalt, 1 stalk peppermint or sage) which gently cleanses the teeth and reduces plaque.

there’s so many other options and recipes out there to use sage. i heard of sage-bonbons and well, i think i need to try them and i’m sure i will have two other sweet tongues savouring them.

all those informations plus more details of the recipes you can find in one of my most loved magazines called “LandApotheke”

6 thoughts on “friday series – SAGE *home remedies

    1. esther

      oh my goodness.that sounds just delicious….i’m a huge fan of sage butter. with some fresh grated parmesan.on top of pasta.mmmmh.happy weekend marie.esther*


  1. lillelieb

    So, so many good tips here Esther, thank you! Sage is almost my all time favourite herb, I even had it in my wedding bouquet 🙂 And yes yes yes to the already mentioned pasta dish, it’s the best (and easiest !) Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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