rhubarb – rhubarb lemon mint/rosmary refresher & rhubarb tarte



rhubarb lemon mint or rosmary refreshers are very easy to prepare. just heat up the cutted peeled rhubarb with some water, fresh lemon juice and a bit of sugar (if you like to) on low heat and let it simmer for a while to get a rich taste out of it. then stain it through a sieve and add icecubes, sliced lemons, pieces of raw rhubarb and some fresh mint or rosmary. thats it.

i took the recipe from an austrian baking blogger. its a german written blog. sorry for all you english speaking out there. this tarte is a shortcrust pastry with with a pretty easy filling. i used 150g whipped cream, 2 eggs, 90g sugar and about a 100g almonds. i readjusted it a bit by taking 2 instead of 3 eggs for the filling (don’t like the eggy kind of taste) and used a bit more of ground almonds. so here’s the link to the recipe:


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