hiking with little ones

today was one of those holiday days where all four of us layed in the familybed giggling and chilling until 9am and breakfast was late and ended around 10.30am. a slow and easy start, which felt nice and just right. yesterday night we talked about our plans for today and both quickly agreed about getting outdoors to do a hike up to the little chapel of our backyard mountain. we once tried to hike up there, but started too late and turned around ’cause we knew we couldn’t make it before the dark took over daylight. every day we see the tiny little chapel up there, looking out of our windows. we knew today would be the day. we had plenty of time. we knew, when looking out of the windows, that it would be cold and snowy up there. we could’nt see the chapel. it was hidden and covered by fog and clouds.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetso we started preparing our 3-5 hour hikingtrip. i clothed the girls in woolen longjohns (from engel). on top of that they wore their woolen cosilana overalls and on top of that their warm finkid wintersuits. it would be a steep hike up there,  where we knew they would sit in their osprey childcarriers most of the time, not moving as we do. our hiking adventures with the little ones in windy patagonia tought us a lot. also living in the mountains, you know that weather can change so quickly, so you have to pack wisely. we cooked some hot tea and made sure we have enough food with us (fresh air makes you hungry). i decided to just take my cellphone with me to take pictures, because i’d carry a lot anyways (then i always wish i would have an iphone. but my samsung is ok,  thanks to vscocam).

the hike was great and the girls were even greater. not complaining in their childcarriers, but singing their own songs or listening to mama singing songs. a. (i carried her) learned the words ‘baum’ and ‘bäume’ (tree and trees) and both girls learned a bit more about the fox, when we showed them the tracks in the snow (not to speak about the smell). they were the best eaters when we reached the little chapel and ate tons of cucumbers and dry bread. being outdoors on the fresh air, they eat everything and are way less picky than home. i guess, they’re just like us. outside evrything tastes just better. on the way back they slept most of the time and didn’t even mind the snow getting in their faces.

today was magical and we went through different weather sections. from spring at the bottom of the mountain, to a snowstorm on top of the mountain, where the chapel stands. in between we had fog, some sun broke through and trees were glowing in golden colours and we had fine snow falling down on us. today god’s creation was shown in beautiful variety and colours. it was pretty spectacular. i’m thankful for so much beauty right where we live and i can’t get over it, that we can call this home now.

8 thoughts on “hiking with little ones

  1. annalou1978

    Such a lovely post! We used to hike a lot but have never gotten into the full swing of it with our daughter who is now 2 and wants to do everything herself… I’m not sure how long she would tolerate the carrier! I would love to hear more about your Patagonia adventures… So rare to find female adventure stories from mothers… Even less from those who have done it with their babies. Well done! X

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    1. esther

      Hi there. thank you so much for your words.a friend of mine is just doing and worin on an interview with me about our patagonia trip with the little ones.i will let you know via insta when its published.a bit of patience please. ♡ thank you, esther*

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  2. cloisteredaway

    Easter! I somehow missed that you had actually opened your blog to readers! Congratulations, and I’ll for sure be checking in often. I love seeing and hearing about your beautiful rural life in the mountains–what a gift. xo

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  3. Cathy

    Hallo Esther, ich folge dir schon seit einiger Zeit auf instagram und bin nicht nur fasziniert und begeistert von deinen Bildern sondern auch von deiner “Weisheit” die du schon in jungen Jahren an den Tag legst. Ich bin letzten Sommer 40 geworden und habe das Gefühl, dass ich jetzt erst anfange mich zu entwickeln ;O) Jedenfalls bist du eine Inspiration!!

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  4. Lea

    Hi, I just recently discovered your instagram and blog. Such beautiful photos! I am just dreaming of living so close to the nature. I see that you dress your girls with lots of wool, I also do this for my girl, now that she is turning past the year and a hald mark I am looking for more technical clothes for her outdoor adventures. I see that your girls are dressed in Finkid jackets, what model is that? What do you think of it? I also the style, simple and elegant. Thank you in advance for your reply.


    1. esther

      hi lea, yes the wool clothes are my favourite. but of course you are totally right.as our kids get older they need more functional clothes to freely move outside, especially in the rain. i bought the finkid wintersuits.i’m not totally convinced of them and my girls didn’t really like them because they found it hard to freely move in them. they are quiete heavy and stiff. when it was winter and not snowing or raining a lot, i still dressed them in the wooloveralls from cosilana. when it comes to functional clothes and not woolclothes for rainy weather, i find that the market did not develop the right stuff yet.or nothing that i find goodlooking as well…greetings from a rainy wednesday in the mountains.esther*


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