an afternoonwalk in the ‘little woods’ – its the little and nonspectacular things

…the little nonspectacular things, that often turn out to be special and treasured, when giving them the chance to be different and beautiful today.

we go on afternoonwalks almost every day. today the weather was mild and sunny and the girls walked fast and were super motivated, so we walked past the horses and sheep and their favourite cat into the ‘little woods’, after m. gathered about 10 daisies as a little snack. she loves eating them. but today we got there. to our ‘little woods’. we walked further than on most of the other days. it must be the renewing power of spring.

the girls looked for cones, sticks and forestflowers like they always do. the further in we got, the more wild garlic fields appeared right in front of us. it was all covered and i didn’t bring any backpack with me. but then I found this airport check-in plastic zipup bag from yesterday nights flight and then we couldn’t pass and collected and collected. i tried to show the girls how to pick and gather wild garlic leafes. they managed to gather half of the leafes and argued about who could hold the plastic bag to put in the wild garlic. i’m glad we found a really cool knifeshaped stick and the problem was solved. the girls changed between collecting and gathering the wild garlic in the plastic zipup bag and making holes with the stick.

on our way back we came across that beautiful bee house/apiary and some horses,  who must have smelled the pieces of apples in m.’s and a.’s hand.

the afternoon was filled with so many new impressions. natural impressions that usually don’t overwhelm them as much as meeting a lot of different people, but also teach them and challenge them. tonight, after reading a good night story and singing our 3 goodnight songs, just before i started to pray and bless them individually, m. started talking about the bee house and the bees flying around there (with about 4 words ❤). and that she was scared “m. anst”. i’m glad she was holding that impression so close and is already able to talk about it. she didn’t say a thing right there, where usually she immediatly shows when she’s scared. so we shortly talked about the situation and made plans for our next adventure out there. it always is an adventure for them,  ’cause there’s so many new situations (in the woods, the fields, with or without animals) they have to manage and can learn from and grow. and by the end of the day i’m thankful and glad for our little nonspectacular adventures here in the mountains, that are so big and spectacular for them.

7 thoughts on “an afternoonwalk in the ‘little woods’ – its the little and nonspectacular things

  1. Kati

    So schön Deine Erzählungen und Berichte von Euren Erlebnissen! Dieses mal hat mich “Mila anst” am meisten berührt. So herzig! Ich wünsche Euch einen wunderschönen Frühling mit vielen tollen Abenteuern!

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  2. Johanna

    Ich finde deine Posts ganz wundervoll. Erfrischend anders, weil du nicht all die perfekten DIYs und Kochrezepte postest (auch so etwas schätze ich sehr), sondern uns einen Einblick in deine innere Reise als Mutter, Frau, Christin, frisch gebackenes Landei 😉 gewährst! Vielen Dank dafür. Du bist eine große Inspiration für mich.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. esther

      Hey tschul. alles richtig. Wie geht’s dir denn? Hab dich schon vermisst hier in der virtuellen Welt. Hoffe euch fünfen geht es gut. LG Esther


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