one of those days…

…where we had no real plans, no to-do list. those days where we wake up and my view gets out of the window… how does the weather look like? blue skies? mountains still covered in snow? fields still covered in frost? oh it looked good and promised to be another sunny day with cold temperatures in the morning. so i was trying to think about where we could go for a walk.

at breakfast, the girls were talking about ‘eierkuchen’, a german recipe for pancakes. pancakes where you need a lot of eggs. i think they started to come up with it, ’cause it was one of those mornings, where they were watching and talking about the chickens running wild and free in that field across our house, while eating breakfast. they understood very early and clear, that our eggs come from those chickens, ’cause one day when we picked up our eggs from our neighbours, i showed them where they lay them and the girls collected some fresh warm eggs. so everytime they see those chickens running over the field, they combine the words chicken and eggs. today they said ‘eierkuchen’ (eggcake) on repeat. they both love it. m., my little sweet tooth, can’t get enough of it. ok. pancakes. why not. but i ran out of eggs. so, we decided that if we wanna have ‘eierkuchen’ pancakes for lunch, we have to walk over and collect some. our morningwalk and our morningplans were set. we had a great time over at our demeter neighbours and the girls watched the horses, cows, sheep, chickens and geese. they looked in all the stables and were proud and excited to take home the chicken eggs ‘titi eier’. we looked and studied the different colours of eggs and talked about the different chickens they saw. i do not need to mention that the pancakes were gone in minutes. and i do not need to mention that todays naptime was very long.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

later in the afternoon when we left to go outside again, my plan, to go to the woods and collect some sticks, cones, beechnuts,…. changed. on our way to the little wood, they watched another girl their age playing in her garden. they looked through the fences for minutes and then we got invited to come in and the girls started to play with each other. while they played, i had a good talk with the other mama, who also has two girls and who also moved from the big city of munich to the bavarian alpine countryside. we talked about how we both are still home with our two year olds and how we would them just send in the garden or go outside with them, but not entertain or bring them to different courses, like a few of our munich and cityfriends do. we talked about being present as mama’s, not offering them education by attending childcourses, but letting them discover and explore. that little first conversation with her was so encouraging and uplifting. we both realized that our families moved to the countryside to provide a slow nature based education and life for our kids. so today the girls found a new friend and i was blessed and encouraged by another mother of our village, who already invited us over for tomorrow.

one of those days….were i let them shape and decide how our day and how their day will look like, turned out to be pretty amazing. today taught me, to be more sensetive to their voices and suggestions instead of just following my inner plan of a day or structuring it without really asking them. even the little ones know very well, what they desire and need, first to be happy and satisfied, but also to grow and learn. and that you guys, thats what makes me the happiest ever.

3 thoughts on “one of those days…

  1. Maria

    I’m absolutely in love with your posts, thoughts on motherhood, your girls and you. I don’t have children yet, but i’m sure that listening to the childrens needs is the right way, you’re a great example of a wonderful mother And i love learning these mother-child things from you


    1. Tine

      Oh, ich liebe Deine Fotos! Auch wenn ich oft Heimweh nach meiner Heimat dem Chiemgau bekomme.Hab als Kind, an der selben Stelle wie Deine Mädls Steine in den See geworfen… Deine Mädels strahlen so viel Zufriedenheit aus, sie sind eins mit sich und der Natur….Einfach nur schön!
      Danke für Deine Gedanken und Inspirationen


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